Improve Your Presentation Design with The Noun Project


The first place I ever heard of The Noun Project was Emiland De Cubber‘s “7 Tips to Create Visual Presentations.”  Beginning on his thirtieth slide, Emiland explains the importance of symbols and creating a “symbol library” for your presentations.

The first time I saw someone use images from The Noun Project in a visual presentation was during one of Chiara Ojeda‘s class lectures.  I loved her slides and wanted to try the Emiland approach for myself.

When searching for symbols on their website, The Noun Project organizes images by theme.  For example, “The Big Idea Collection” is featured on the homepage today.  These images all relate to a big idea and are so much more impacting than a picture of a lightbulb.







I really enjoyed playing around with the symbols on The Noun Project today!  I hope to incorporate symbols into my presentations in the future… especially when I find myself relying on those standard, cliché stock photos.

Have you used The Noun Project?  Have you started an image library for your presentations?


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