For Superteachers: 3 Beliefs of Success


One of my favorite Slideshare superstars, Eugene Cheng, created “3 Believes of Success: A Singaporean Perspective” which touches on issues American superteachers also face.  Check out Eugene’s presentation here:


What I like most about Eugene’s presentation are his solutions.  Instead of one uniform perspective for all students, we should begin considering individual “tracks” to success.  Ultimately, higher education is not for everyone.  I teach college students, and some are not yet equipped for college while some will never be equipped for college.  Why do we perceive this as a negative thing?  Why is a college education the standard by which we measure success?

I also like Eugene’s ideas about college as just a piece of paper.  This resonates with me because of my current situation… I am teaching a course called Professional Communication and Presentation while I pursue a second M.A. in Communication.  I need 18 hours in my field in order to be “qualified” to teach this subject.  Since I don’t have a degree in the field, I’ve done three and a half years of self study.  I consider myself to be an expert in my field, but I don’t have the degree or the 18 hours to prove to others that I am qualified.  Going back to school does give me that piece of paper; however, I haven’t taken a single class that will help me teach my class any better than I already do.  Not a single graduate course has helped me become a better Professional Communication and Presentation instructor, but every graduate course I take makes me more qualified to teach my course on paper.

How do you feel about Eugene’s three beliefs of success?  What is your personal experience with higher education?