Things I Carry


Calling all thought-leaders!  LinkedIn has partnered with Slideshare to come up with something fresh and exciting.  According to their Slideshare page, “LinkedIn’s influencers shared their tools for success. What are yours? Share them here. Make sure to tag your presentation ThingsICarry” (Source).  I’ve already seen amazing articles written on LinkedIn from leaders such as Meg Whitman of Hewlett Packard, Vivian Schiller of NBC News, Jennifer Dulski of, and even Richard Branson!

This infographic was an interesting visual representation of what’s going on over at LinkedIn:


What I loved most about this project was the Slideshare spin: a few of my favorite designers added beautiful slides into the mix.

Marisa Wong came up with the concept, so be sure to check out her “Things I Carry” presentation first:


Next, check out “Things I Carry” Slideshare presentations from other superstars: Emiland de Cubber, Jonathon Colman, and Ruchi Garg.

What are the things YOU carry?  Will you be participating in the “Things I Carry” project?


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