Links of the Week: 2013.08


This week, I’ve enjoyed a much-needed Spring Break.  Even though it was my Spring Break, I had a lot of work to get done.  I spent the first part of the week working on my final research paper for my Interpersonal Communication graduate class.  I also worked on and then presented a faculty development workshop for my colleagues.  Lastly, I did a lot of fun reading in addition to research and reading for my paper.  I’d like to share my Links of the Week: Spring Break Edition with you.

I highly recommend following Garr Reynolds’ blog: Presentation Zen right now.  Reynolds is working on a new book about story, and his blog posts share his research and findings.  This week, I loved “Never leave the playground: The key to a long, happy life” as well as “Storytelling, POV, and the power of first-person narrative.”  We can all learn to use the power of story in our everyday lives to be stronger, more powerful communicators.  How do you use story in your career?


Another great read this week was from Nancy Duarte’s blog.  “When Reinventing Your Environment, Color Can Make All The Difference” was a great post that helps us see the importance of color.  Though author Naomi Kuhmann refers to interior design color, we can still use these tips when considering color for our slides.  Kuhmann writes about the power of color, the way we respond to color, the memories or images we associate with a particular color… I love the way she describes picking out the new color palette for the Duarte space.  I find that I am often inspired by color first before anything else when it comes to designing slides.  For example, I began my Visual Resume deck after seeing three colors together on Kate Spade’s website.  My Audience Analysis deck was inspired by two colors I kept seeing repeated in clothing stores a few weeks ago.  Color seems to be the first thing that I turn to when I’m creating a new slideshow, and fonts and images fall into place after that.  How does color factor into your slide design?  Do you start with it, or is it an afterthought?

Last, but not least, I have to share two great Ethos3 blog posts.  “How To Have Remarkable Presence” relates to the delivery leg of the presentation stool, and “Joseph Campbell and Storytelling” relates to the content leg.  I believe it’s important to continuously strengthen all three of those legs, so brushing up on both presence and storytelling help me to be a better presenter.  What resources do you use to help push you to be a stronger communicator?


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