Returning to the Classroom


Over Spring Break last week, I spent quite a bit of time revamping my Professional Communication and Presentation campus course materials.  One thing I’ve been seeing repeatedly over the past year is increased student apathy.  To combat this indifference, I am asking each student to come up with three goals at the beginning of the class.  On Mondays, at the beginning of every new week, we’ll have a class discussion on each student’s three goals and what he or she is doing to accomplish those goals.


We’ll start with my three goals so that I am leading my students by example:




I will also participate in the Monday update so that my students know I am committed to these three goals and to their success not only in my class but also in the future.

Check back to Creating Communication this month, as I plan to share much more of my course overhaul with you.  How was your Spring Break this year, Superteachers?  Did you get any classroom planning done?  Share your great ideas with me!

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