Exciting Steve Cherches News!


When I woke up this morning, I had no idea this week would end with a classroom visit from the one and only Steve Cherches!  I’ve been a huge fan of Steve’s for about a year now due to blogs and social media, so connecting with him in real life is such an honor.  He’ll be visiting my Professional Communication and Presentation class tomorrow, and he’s in for a real treat: my students are delivering their TED Analysis presentations.

We’re also discussing the Visual Resume, so Steve will have a lot of great things to say on the topic based upon his experiences.  He is a visual thinker and founder of VizThink NYC.  Check out one of VizThink’s projects here.

To learn more about the visual resume, check out Chiara Ojeda’s “Visualizing Resumes” deck below.  This one really should be a “Top Presentation of the Day.”  Hint hint, Slideshare! :)


I’ll report back ASAP about my meeting with Steve.

Have you met any superstars in your industry?  Have you ever met any of your mentors in person?  Share your experiences with me!


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