Juan Enriquez: Your online life, permanent as a tattoo


Another huge reason I deactivated my Facebook account was because I found the social networking site becoming more and more invasive and terrifying.  People complain about their work on Facebook; post really negative images and ideas; document personal details about their lives; and forget that their every move is behind recorded for eternity.

Juan Enriquez’s TED Talk “Your online life, permanent as a tattoo” explains the now-blurred lines between public and private life.  Everything we do on the Internet is our “online tattoo” that will live far longer than we will.  To me, this idea is scary.


Of course, Enriquez doesn’t focus exclusively on Facebook, though, I would argue, this is the place people share the most about their private life.  Enriquez’s four lessons can help us navigate the online world: 1) be careful what you post; 2) don’t look too far in the past of those you love; 3) remember the purpose (don’t get distracted by those “golden apples”); and 4) don’t fall in love with your own reflection.  To be able to follow these lessons, we definitely need perspective.  Can you imagine being 13 or 14 years old and understanding the magnitude of what you’re doing online?

What did you think about Enriquez’s TED Talk?  How do you maintain your online persona?  Is your online tattoo largely positive or negative?


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