Effective Classroom Presentations


Slideshare’s Twitter feed always introduces me to new slide decks and creative uploads from its users.  Yesterday, Slideshare Tweeted this deck by Mohit Chhabra who says he “delivered [this] talk at Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH) on May 03, 2013 addressing a group of nearly 50 higher-ed educators on the use of technology in the classroom to build engagement” (Source).  Scroll through his deck below…


What I like most about Chhabra’s deck is that he focuses specifically on the teacher as a presenter.  I never had this realization until I began teaching Public Speaking in 2010: a teacher’s job is to present for a living!  This was a huge “ah-ha!” moment for me, so I decided that if I was going to be an effective teacher, I dang sure needed to know how to be a strong presenter.

Chhabra’s slides #25-27 talk about “the dip,” and this is something we as educators need to take seriously.  If we let our students play on their laptops and their phones during class instead of paying attention to class material, they’re not even going to make it through those phases of “the dip.”

We have to work on teaching students the way that they learn, and Chhabra references John Medina’s Brain Rules.  This book is essential for any educator.  The lessons from Brain Rules apply directly to our classroom lectures/presentations, so we must work to develop content and slides that reinforce student engagement and learning…

Chhabra’s deck is helpful for all superteachers.  I only wish I could have attended his conference presentation!

What was your “ah-ha!” moment as a teacher?  Did it relate to public speaking and presentation?  Share with me in the “comments” section!


One thought on “Effective Classroom Presentations

  1. sameer dhar

    awesome, mindblowing, thank you for making the basics crystal clear. your reasoning, understand the issue, delivering a solution, the skills of presentation, weaving a story, the narration and above all keeping the viewer glued not only physically but along with the grey matter..is perfect…keep it up and keep spreding the knowledge…will help millions to evolve…thank you for one more exciting Cerebral Orgasm.

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