Presentation Design Techniques From The Masters


On Tuesday and Thursday of this week, my students are learning how to design more effective slideshows.  I love this brand new deck by Slide Comet, and many of these lessons are essential for my students:


What I liked most about the deck was the clear, thorough explanation of the five different approaches: the Takahashi method; the Kawasaki method; the Lessig method; the Godin method; and the Jobs method.  I am dying to redesign my “visual design” lessons to include more types of visual design with my students so that they can select the slideshow they need to create based upon their audience; their purpose; and their content.  In August when Fall classes begin, I plan to incorporate the Slide Comet deck into my lectures so that students have a more clear sense of their options.

Which slide design method do you use most often?  Do you change your approach depending upon your audience, or do you stick to one method no matter what type of speech you are delivering?


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