Creating Color Palettes


A strong visual presentation displays unity through the repetition of multiple elements such as text, images, shapes.  A color palette is also important to the unity of a Keynote or PowerPoint because the color palette shows a cohesive relationship between slides.  Sometimes, slide designers feel creatively challenged when it comes to color.  How can I create an effective color palette?  What colors go well together?  Do these colors go well with my content?  A few important websites can help us answer these questions.

Design Seeds is my favorite color palette website.  An image is the starting point, and from that image, a palette of colors is created.  A slide designer can use a palette from Design Seeds in his or her Keynote presentations.

I’ve created an example of something you might see on Design Seeds:


Image Credit

Two additional websites for color palettes are Kuler and Colour Lovers.  Which of these color palette websites is your favorite?  How do you create color palettes for your slideshows?

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