Ken Robinson: How to escape education’s death valley


Sir Ken Robinson’s latest TED Talk, delivered at April 2013’s TED Education conference, is fantastic.  Watch below:


Robinson explains that a teacher’s job is to be creative; a teacher’s job is not to deliver information.  So often, we believe our goal is to get information to students.  Yes, that’s important, but, as Robinson says, our other goals are to “mentor, stimulate, provoke, engage” and “if there is no learning going on, there is no education going on” (Source).

Many of my colleagues are “engaged in the task of teaching but not actually fulfilling it” (Source).  What should a teacher be doing?  Back in January of 2012, I wrote the “Superteachers” series stemming from my six years of teaching experience.  I first defined the term “superteacher” and then listed a few qualities that separate a teacher from a superteacher.  Those qualities include creativity; a passion for learning; obviously doing the work (engaging in the act of teaching but also the act of learning); optimism; and mentorship/developing leadership potential.  To learn more about the series, please click here.

Robinson tells us in his TED Talk that the one and only role of a teacher is “to facilitate learning” (Source).  Learning doesn’t come from lecturing.  It comes from collaboration, discussion, and activity.  In order to join the teaching and learning revolution, one must make a commitment to the qualities Robinson describes in his TED Talk as well as the qualities of a superteacher.  What additional qualities do you think a superteacher possesses?  How would you define “superteacher” ?


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