David McCandless Infographic: Vitamin D


I can always recognize a David McCandless infographic.  His work is so beautiful!  Check out an exquisite data visualization on vitamin D below:




3 thoughts on “David McCandless Infographic: Vitamin D

  1. This is a beautiful infographic (I have been thinking lately about the difference between an infographic and a poster, as it is a term that is used so loosely). Nice visual presentation of the data with a clean, uncluttered look and consistent colour scheme.

    • Hey there! I do agree with you that “infographic” is such a buzzword that it’s used too freely… How would you define “infographic” based on your studies? Thanks and Happy Fourth, AR

      • The way I see it…an Infographic cannot exist without visuals/graphics, as the data/information is contained predominantly within the images. A poster has most of the information in text and the images simply compliment the text.

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