Deactivating Twitter


During my vacation, I realized I could live without Twitter.  So I deleted my account.


I used and enjoyed the social media site for many years, and I much prefer Tweeting over Facebooking.  I also found that Twitter was a great way to share my professional work: blog posts, Slideshare presentations, and interesting articles.  However, I also found that I was wasting quite a bit of time each day scrolling through my phone or computer to see updates from other people.

Since I have a really tough few months ahead of me with school and work, I wanted to eliminate some unnecessary “time-wasters” from my life, and I found that Twitter had become one of those.

Did you recently delete your Facebook or Twitter accounts?  How did you feel after deleting?


5 thoughts on “Deactivating Twitter

  1. Say it ain’t so…! No twitter? Now how am I going to follow you?!!!

    I actually cut down on Twitter a lot over the past 6 months. I usually only use it to post content, research people/companies, or contact someone specific. I rarely follow twitter streams anymore. (Way too much stuff.)

    Meanwhile, there’s a presentation conference that I’m dying to go to down in Ft. Lauderdale in September. Presentation Summit. Unfortunately I’m not gonna make it this year :( – unless something changes dramatically. Anyway, though I’d mention it…

    That said… hope all else is well down in Orlando…! Hi to Chiara.

  2. Charlie

    Alex, I haven’t pulled the plug completely on Twitter yet, but I have begun the process of paring those I follow way down. Funny…I used to spend more time on Twitter than on Facebook, and now both of them seem to be “chores” or “obligations.”

    Either way, sorry to see you off Twitter, but really REALLY glad you’re posting to your blog again! Been missing your great stuff! :)

    • Hey Charlie! It’s great to hear from you, and I appreciate your comment. We’ll have to keep in touch via email since we’re both cutting back on Twitter :) Hope you have a good 4th of July week. -AR

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