Links of the Week: 2013.13


Since the hiatus in June, we haven’t done a “Links of the Week” on Creating Communication!  This installment features three of my favorites: Nancy Duarte’s Duarte Blog, Garr Reynolds’ Presentation Zen, and Ethos3’s blog.

In “Presentation Lessons from PopUp Magazine,” Duarte blogger Paula Tesch examines San Francisco storytelling event PopUp Magazine.  Yes, it is both an event and a magazine!  Cool, right?  All kinds of stories are presented live onstage including documentary films, art, radio, and – of course – stories.  Learn more about the event here.  I definitely just added this to my bucket list!

Tesch says the event teaches us quite a bit about presentations.  For example, we should make our presentations a “one night only!” style event; be an expert (or find an expert); mix things up just like a magazine does; stop talking before our audience stops listening; and leave time for Q&A (Source).  Read through Tesch’s presentation tips here.


“The Fascinating History of Aspect Ratios” by Garr Reynolds may have a funny title… What’s fascinating about aspect ratios?  Actually, fellow presentation nerds, A LOT is fascinating about aspect ratios!  Reynolds talks about the size of movie screens for storytelling and then, of course, the size of Keynote slides projected on screens.  Though the past has focused on 4:3 (1024×768), conferences such as TED, Reynolds writes, are putting a request for slides with a 16:9 aspect ratio (Source).   He gives two presentation examples from his own life, one with a 4.3 aspect ratio and one with a 16.9.  I can definitely see the benefit of learning how to create beautiful slides using both aspect ratios.

The bloggers at Ethos3 are also presentation nerds (of course!), and they’ve compiled a list of their favorite quotes about presentations.  These include gems by Churchill and Carnegie, Owen and Burgraff.  I was so inspired by this list that I decided to create my own “best presentation quotes” list which will debut tomorrow on Creating Communication!

What great articles about public speaking and presentation have you been reading?


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