My Shout-Out on Ethos3!


The amazing folks at Ethos3 recently featured me in a blog post:



Check out the entire article here.  It’s a great read, as always.  Thanks, y’all!

Have you ever been featured on your favorite blog?


2 thoughts on “My Shout-Out on Ethos3!

  1. Charlie

    Great read, indeed, Alex! Not nearly as cool, but you got a shout out in my class today as well! I pointed my students to your “Introduction to Slide Design.” Great stuff! (Except for the one factual error on Slide 86/100: WE don’t own cats – they own us!) :) Thanks for your great work and willingness to advance the cause! Keep it up!

    • Hooray! That IS just as cool :) Thanks so much for sharing the presentation revolution with your class… Also I LOLed when I saw your comment about slide 86. As a cat lady, I totally agree. Thank you again for the shout-out.

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