Presentations by Communication Graduate Students…


My final paper was due for my graduate class on Monday night, and I was feeling relieved to turn in my 20-something page beast.  I was also excited to share my paper topic with others, and I developed an informal presentation as required.

When I got to class, I noticed a fellow classmate checking her Prezi on the computer up front.  Other classmates filed in and double-checked PowerPoints on flash drives.  I kept asking, “You created a PowerPoint for this?”  I kept hearing in reply, “I just put my notes on the slides so I can keep myself on track.”  I should have known the “presentations” were about to get ugly.

Out of 15 students, about 10 used PowerPoint.  And when I say “used” PowerPoint, I mean misused and abused PowerPoint.  One young lady had one slide with more than 75 words on it.  One woman used the bounce transition (among 5 others) to stack pictures one on top of the other.  Most people just read their slides word-for-word.

Did I mention I am enrolled in a COMMUNICATION graduate program?!

Presentations today never cease to amaze me.  Just when I think the presentation revolution has taken hold, I’m forced to sit through two hours of torturous slide reading and documents displayed on a white board.

Presentation Revolutionaries: How do you get back up after you’re knocked down by death-by-PowerPoint?


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