Revamped “Intro to PCP” Slides


Taking two months out of the classroom to teach online-only helps me to read old and new books and articles; to refocus my attention on curriculum development and audience needs; and to use Keynote for presentation design.

This week, I wanted to really work on my first day of Professional Communication and Presentation lesson focusing more on discussion, the “ah ha!” moment that presentations are broken, and my teaching philosophy to direct student expectations.  I now present the revamped and updated “Intro to PCP” slideshow:


I also wanted to take the focus off of rules and policies (things like attendance, participation, late work, homework, etc).  Students can read about that stuff, and I plan to edit the contract students sign to be a lot more policy-based.  It’s also helpful for students to have that stuff in handout form, I think, as opposed to glossing over it in class on the first day and never speaking about it again.

Next week, I plan to begin debuting new decks on Slideshare.  I have three ready to go and a few more in the works… Can’t wait to share them with you!

How do you begin the first day of your new classes?

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