Links of the Week: 2013.16


This week marked the end of another semester of graduate school (and an “A” in Health Communication) and the beginning of a new Professional Communication and Presentation class.  This is the smallest group of students I’ve ever taught before, so I’m excited about what we might accomplish together.  A small public speaking and presentation class has its downfalls; for example, students can’t really get that true “audience” feeling when they know each other so intimately.  But, I’ve found, the positives of a small class include being able to discuss our experiences as well as things we’ve read.  I can’t wait to share these “Links of the Week” with my students on Monday morning!

Nancy Duarte recently spoke at the Silicon Valley Speechwriters Roundtable.  Her guest lecture was covered in Professionally Speaking.  Duarte discussed her history and experience as an author, her favorite female speakers, and her upcoming book (coming in October!!!).  Check out the recap here.


From Public Words comes “How To Get A Standing Ovation.”  I love Nick Morgan’s tips here including 1) speak about something you’re passionate about, 2) tell a story about a time you overcame a hardship, and 3) turn the speech over to the audience (Source).  I especially love the idea that we should talk about overcoming something difficult.  This is what the Hero’s Journey structure is all about, and as Nancy Duarte explains in Resonatewe can learn a lot from this structure that we can apply to our presentations.

Duarte also shared one beautiful Slideshare presentation from the Garr Reynolds/Nancy Duarte Q&A session in July 9.  If you missed it, check out the video from Reynolds and Duarte’s session here.

Scroll through the Slidehare deck below:


What great things have you been reading this week?  More importantly, ARE YOU AS EXCITED ABOUT NANCY DUARTE’S UPCOMING BOOK AS I AM?!!!


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