Visual Design Basics: The Building Blocks of a Great Slideshow


Fortunately, even though I get frustrated with poorly designed slides, I know a whole lot of great people who spend their lives trying to combat death-by-bulletpoint.  One of those people is Chiara Ojeda.  After reading “The Resistance Continues: Combating Bad Slides and the People Who Use Them,” Chiara wrote the perfect companion piece called “Resistance Is Futile: Bullets Kill.”  My favorite part of her article was this:

“Presenters I consult with often say, “but I like MY slides” or “what’s wrong with MY slides?” The view that slides are for the presenter is exactly what’s wrong. An audience-centered presenter cares less about the efficiency of a template and more about how design elements like color, type, and layout communicate a specific vision for the audience and help set a tone for the audience’s interaction with and reception of a message. An audience-centered presenter cares less about the number of bullets on a slide and more about how to successfully assist an audience in retaining information” (Source).

Click here to read Chiara’s article in its entirety, and check out her “Top Presentation of the Day” Slideshare presentation on effective visual design here:


Who do you stand beside in the fight against death-by-PowerPoint?


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