New Member Training Presentation


Last year, one of the biggest complaints about the Junior League of Greater Orlando’s new member program were the boring PowerPoints.  Let me tell you about these PowerPoints, y’all.  They were hideous, bullet-riddled, clip-art filled garbage straight out of 1992.  Last year, I was a member of the AJLI Task Force on New Member Training (which, sadly, included GoTo Trainings filled with bullet points).  I learned a lot about best practices for New Member Training.  This year, I am so happy to be a part of our New Member team, and my primary focus was updating the slide presentations.

Here is a sampling of the new material using my signature colors and typefaces:

retreat1 retreat2 retreat3 retreat4 retreat5 retreat6 retreat7 retreat8

Have you been asked to update old PowerPoint presentations?  What is your approach to tweaking old slides?


2 thoughts on “New Member Training Presentation

  1. Love your comment “…hideous, bullet-riddled, clip-art filled garbage straight out of 1992”! You can add low-res, pixelated images to that list too. I run powerpoint design training at my work and am often asked to re-invigorate the presentations of the solicitors. My approach depends upon the amount of time/notice I am given. At a minimum I will create a colour scheme, unify the font and cull text. With plenty of time I like to look at the presentation holistically, source images and rewrite the content…trying to create a narrative. I see you have a signature look when it comes to powerpoint and I love it – the black and white really works here with the colour orange jumping off the slides. Slide 5) The Councils of the Junior Leagues has quite small text and might be hard to read from the back of the room. I think one of the biggest challenges is presenting organisational charts on a slide.

    • Haha! Yes, we can definitely add pixellated images as well as the clip art of the 2000s: those faceless alien creatures. GROSS!

      I love your ideas here, and I’m so glad you mentioned finding and creating the narrative. The experts tell us that story is so important.

      Fortunately, for that particular slide, all attendees will have a document in a binder at their desks, so they will be able to read the information more closely themselves. One of my top priorities this year is to design a Keynote/slide-friendly version of our org chart… I just don’t have time before the retreat because I am working on a virtual tour video and a fun image-only slideshow. I need an assistant this week to get it all done! :) :)

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