Design Challenge: The JLGO Video Project


For the past month, I’ve been working hard on revamping curriculum for the Junior League of Greater Orlando’s New Member Training materials.  We had our day long “retreat” this past Saturday, and I debuted some beautiful slides.  We had an amazing day of audience-centered presenting by some truly inspiring women.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Junior League and what we do, first, check out this video for a better understanding of our history:


I was faced with an enormous “design challenge” this year… We didn’t have money in our budget for a bus tour, and this was one of the standout memories for me during my New Member Retreat period.  My goal was to film important places and spaces and to debut a project featuring slides + video + audio + music.  What an adventure!  Thanks to the filming and iMovie support from Chiara Ojeda, I finally created something amazing.

And, as luck would have it, the movie wouldn’t play at the Retreat.  I had 5 copies just in case of technical difficulties (two on Dropbox, one on a flash drive, one in my email, and one on YouTube).  These copies would all play just fine on our computer, but as soon as the audio cord was plugged into the speakers, you couldn’t hear my voice.  I was super frustrated and upset that I’d put double digit hours of work into a project that no one could watch even after troubleshooting.

JLGO President Katie Byrne and Alex Rister

JLGO President Katie Byrne and Alex Rister

As luck would have it, though, our new JLGO President Katie Byrne had a similar idea in mind for our kickoff General Membership Meeting at the end of August.  She saw the YouTube version of the video and asked if we could use the video at the GMM.  After a bit more work tweaking wording and some voiceover, we came up with the finished product.  Check it out here:


I am really, really pleased with how the video turned out, and please cross your fingers that it works in front of 200 League women at our big kickoff meeting this week!  I’ll definitely let you know how it goes…

Have you ever had a design challenge go wrong?  How do you handle wrenches thrown into your presentations and projects?


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