Visual Resume: ResumUP


The visual resume is such a wonderful tool for providing visual and multimedia support for that bland, boring, standard paper resume.  Don’t get me wrong… I know the paper resume is necessary.  But saying “I’m creative” in black and white on a Word document can only go so far.  What I like about the visual resume is a job applicant’s ability to prove these characteristics and attributes that make him or her a successful candidate.

For example, I’m a teacher, and I teach communication and presentation.  I can say that on a paper resume all day long, but to prove it to people through examples of the slides I create or through a presentation I coached a student to deliver… Now that’s something to talk about.

Check out my visual resume here.  Check out my favorite visual resume of all time – David Crandall’s Anti Resume Manifesto – here.

You can also learn more about the visual resume by reading the two-part article I wrote for students and faculty at my school here.

And that leads me to ResumUp.  Have you heard of this platform before?  Their tagline is “Know What It Takes.”  I love that!

Check out a mindblowing two-minute explanation of the website here:


I love the idea that this platform can help you see the steps you need to make in order to achieve the job title you want as well as help you see what skills you need to acquire on your path to that perfect career.

Do you love LinkedIn?  Have you posed a visual resume on Slideshare?  What do you think about ResumUp?


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