Seth Godin on The Superteacher


Seth Godin has a new, free book out called Stop Stealing Dreams.  This manifesto on the current system of education reads quickly because of its organization in short, concise “chapters.”  Godin questions the purpose of school and calls us to reevaluate what we’re doing in the classroom and what the role of the teacher and the student should be in the 21st century.

Before you read Godin’s book, check out his TEDx Talk of the same name:


After reading part of the book, I found that these two quotes stood out to me the most:

“What we do need is [a teacher] to persuade us that we want to learn [new] things, and someone to push us or encourage us or create a space where we want to learn to do them better.”

“If all the teacher is going to do is read her pre-written notes from a PowerPoint slide to a lecture hall of thirty or three hundred, perhaps she should stay home.  Not only is this a horrible disrespect to the student, it’s a complete waste of the heart and soul of the talented teacher. Teaching is no longer about delivering facts that are unavailable in any other format.”


Being a superteacher is very closely related to being a strong 21st century presenter, and the more I study public speaking and presentation, the more I realize the two are intertwined.

To read Godin’s free text in its entirety, please click here.


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