The Ultimate Guide To Unplugging




I am a big fan of unplugging.  I gave up Facebook years ago and recently quit Twitter this summer.  Living without social media is incredible.

Last year, I tried something I called “Solitary Sundays.” My goal was to go without computer, television, and telephone for one day a week.  This worked very well for about two months, but then I let work and grading for my online classes get the best of me.  I would love to go back to spending one day a week without technology.

What ways do you “unplug” on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis?  Any recommendations?


4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide To Unplugging

  1. Hi there Alex! Ohisashiburi desu! (It’s been a while).

    This post caught me eye. I surely need to re-consider how I’ve been doing my time in the world of tech.

    I was doing good with my quitting Facebook routine months ago but unfortunately, due to a requirement in my work, I had to go back to using Facebook. Now I’m back to my old ways hahaha.

    But you know, thinking about it, after all those weeks of being off Facebook, I find that even when I came back, I don’t often use it like before. There are times I’m on FB maybe 1-2 hours a day but then on some days, I’m off of it. I do however stay on FB at least 1 hour to post some stuff for my work as a game writer.

    Twitter… I tried it out but I deactivated after two weeks. Not for me.

    But overall, all those weeks of being off Facebook finally changed my attitude about being back on FB. I now use FB only for work, for a few chats and that’s it.

    I’ll give this Unplugging a try :-) I’ve always been thinking about it. I’ll do it on Fridays, where I take a day off work.

    Have a good day Alex!

  2. Great article Alex. I love the visual conversation here – very compelling! It is always good to pause every so often reflect and re-charge. Fortunately or unfortunately tech is/will continue to be part of us. It is in everywhere …in our physical and mental space and often creeping into our emotional space. Clear boundaries (no tech Sundays) is one way of addressing the barrage of information we consume on a daily basis, but I am sure new ways are still to emerge. Thank you again.

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