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My Public Speaking team and I are on the hunt for the perfect book for our on-campus and online classes!  So far, I’ve been pouring over dozens of books I’ve already read as well as expanding the search to new and recommended titles.


This week, in addition to reading my required textbooks for the Quantitative Research Methods course I am taking at UCF, I also skimmed through The Art of Woo by Shell and Moussa; The Well-Spoken Woman by Jahnke; and How To Deliver A TED Talk by Donovan this week.  These texts all had strengths as well as weaknesses for our target audience: nontraditional college students pursuing entertainment-related degrees in areas like Recording Arts, Film, and Sports Marketing.  We have to make sure public speaking and presentation relates specifically to the kinds of things they’ll be doing in the future, and this is a challenge.  This is a huge reason why I am ditching our current textbook which is lame and doesn’t connect with our students.

We’re also struggling with a few Department requirements.  The book must be below a certain price point, and the book must come in e-book format for our students.  As a woman who loves hard copies of books, the e-book thing does not make me happy… However, I’d love to find an interactive e-book (kind of like Nancy Duarte’s Resonate in its multi-touch edition).  This would be especially helpful for our online students.

My team and I all have very different approaches to public speaking and presentation and place varying degrees of importance on subjects.  Some members of our team champion delivery, some champion visuals, and some champion content-related items like persuasion.  To find a book that includes all of the things is proving much more difficult than I could have imagined.

Any suggestions on what I should read next?


5 thoughts on “Currently Reading…

  1. You might want to look at the DK Guide to Public Speaking. There is an e version.

    Another title I have used some chapters in the past: Speak up. Students like the cartoons and price is not bad. Not sure of ebook version. Think it is Bedford title

  2. helenthis51

    Hi Alex. Have you considered having a look at Toastmasters International manuals relative to public speaking and presenting. You may find invaluable information to assist you in your “hunt” for the perfect book. HT

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