5 Things Every Presenter Needs To Know About People


One of the books I’ve ordered to consider to replace our old public speaking textbook is Susan Weinschenk’s 100 Things Every Presenter Needs To Know About People. This came highly recommended, and I was excited today to find a great RSA Animate on the topic:


The five ideas here are simple and important. First, people learn best in 20-minute chunks.  Second, multiple sensory channels compete: visual and auditory.  The audience will either have a positive experience with these multiple channels (i.e. if PowerPoint and Keynote visuals are used correctly), or the audience will have a negative experience because the visual channel is overwhelming.  Weinschenk says, “You know what I call slides with a lot of text on them?  Your notes!  And you can use notes when you are speaking, but you don’t have to show your audience your notes” (Source).  To learn how to create effective, audience-centered visuals, please start here.

Third, what you say as a presenter is only part of your message.  Delivery (paralinguistics, body language) is an essential component.  Fourth, if you want people to act, you have to call them to action.  Fifth and finally, people imitate your emotions and feel your feelings.

What other things do presenters need to know about people?


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