Get Nancy Duarte’s Resonate For Free!


This afternoon, I checked my inbox to find this startlingly generous, exciting update from the presentation goddess Nancy Duarte herself:


You can get a free copy of Resonate either via HTML5 or on iBooks!  How great is that?  And how great is Nancy Duarte for sharing her ideas FOR FREE?!  She continues to be such an inspiration.  I adore her.

I just downloaded the iBook version and am re-reading Resonate for the hundredth time.  I must say, the multimedia version beats the hard copy because Duarte’s words and ideas come alive with video and audio.  Hearing Nancy Duarte narrate the text using video AND reading the original text helps me connect with the material in a new way.  There are also pop-ups to click on for more information on a particular subject.

Thanks to Nancy Duarte for creating an interactive, fun, FREE version of her book to reach even more audiences.  With this multimedia release, there is absolutely no excuse to continue delivering bad presentations.  Share it with everyone you know!!!

What do you like more about the re-release of Resonate including multimedia?


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