Superstudent Soffia’s Top Presentation of the Day on Slideshare


A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to teach four amazing students: Debbie, Reva, Rico, and Soffia.  Because we had such a small class, we were really able to focus on developing our individual presentation and communication skills… This resulted in output that was out of this world! All 4 of my students earned an “A” (100% of the class made an A?!!).  These students worked hard on growing their content, delivery, and design abilities.

The biggest and perhaps most daunting task that month was to create an Ignite presentation.  Recently, Soffia turned her Ignite slides into a beautiful deck on Slideshare, and today, those slides were featured as a “Top Presentation of the Day!”


Check out “Why You Need To Travel” below:


Soffia is certainly a someone to watch and to follow on Slideshare!  Check out her Slideshare page here, and be sure to “Follow” her and to “Like” her work.

What is your favorite thing about Soffia’s “Why You Need To Travel” presentation?


One thought on “Superstudent Soffia’s Top Presentation of the Day on Slideshare

  1. The colour scheme is great…has a fresh/citrus feel about it. Like the effect with the outline of the circle shape. Was this shape created in a different program to Powerpoint?

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