Presentation Anxiety: Getting Over A Difficult Speaking Situation


When we begin Public Speaking, I teach my students that two things stand in the way of a successful speech: 1) laziness and 2) fear.  Public speaking anxiety impacts each of us, and I love what Jack Canfield says about getting over a difficult situation to ensure fear doesn’t get the better of us…


Canfield says that when something goes wrong in a person’s life, the brain wants to lock that situation in forever – if possible – to ensure that mistake isn’t made again.  Call it the lizard brain.  Call it survival instinct.  This is positive when we’re thinking about human evolution and survival.

When it comes to public speaking, however, one negative experience can make speaking to an audience feel impossible.  How do we get over that difficult situation locked in our brain?

Canfield suggests we train our minds to remember our simple successes.  Putting a focus on positive speaking situations helps us balance the negative ones and will keep our lizard brain in check.  I love Canfield’s idea of a public speaking “victory log” to help us in this area.

Would you keep a “victory log” of your presentation successes to help you conquer your public speaking fear?


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