Public Speaking and Presentation Pinterest Boards


Are you on Pinterest?  When a co-worker introduced me to the website, I was hooked.  I pin recipes, great outfits, books I want to read, and – most importantly – great things I want to share on Creating Communication.  I have a pin board called “Ideas For The Blog.”  Check it out here.



I started searching for other public speaking and presentation boards on Pinterest, and I came across a few great ones to share with all of you!  Here they are:

Ethos3: The Nashville-based presentation and communication company has pin boards for each of their employees.  My favorite is their “Graphic Design” board.  Check it out for some slide design inspiration!

Andrew Dlugan of Six Minutes: The curator of the most comprehensive website on public speaking and presentation, Andrew Dlugan, assembled an amazing set of pin boards on topics such as speaking books, speechwriting, delivery techniques, and more.

Gavin McMahon of Make A Powerful Point: With over 900 pins, McMahon’s pin boards have already caught the attention of 350 followers.  There’s something for anyone interested in public speaking and presentation!

Jose Carlos: If you are interested in learning more about storytelling, this is the pinner to follow.  With only 2 specific boards on e-Learning and Digital Storytelling, I’ve found inspiration every single time I log onto Pinterest to see what he has added.

Nancy Duarte:  Last, but not least, is my favorite public speaking and presentation queen.  With 0 boards and 0 pins, you are required to follow her on Pinterest right this very second.  Why?  Because we need to encourage her to pin!  Can you imagine the research she’s doing or the articles she’s reading?  I want to know everything.  Let’s get you pinning, Nancy!

Are there any other public speaking and presentation pinners or pin boards I should be following?  Share with me in the “Comments” section!


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