Seth Godin’s Fail Until You Succeed


Earlier this week, I posted a great new Slideshare deck called “By What If I Fail?” by my favorite designer JesseDee.  The video below inspired the message of JesseDee’s deck.  Watch Seth Godin discuss success and failure below:


Godin’s concept of success and failure goes back to Carol Dweck’s growth mindset, and I love his idea that if you’re not failing, you’re not doing anything.  Failure is an essential part of learning, growing, and living.

This relates directly to public speaking and presentation because people are typically terrified that they are going to fail in front of an audience.  This fear of failure and public humiliation prevents them from taking the risk at all.  According to Godin, we MUST take appropriate risks in order to be successful.

We can overcome that risk aversion by realizing it is a part of the human experience.  We must learn to embrace the growth mindset and to see failure as a part of the process as opposed to the fixed mindset view that failure is the end, the cliff.

How do you work out failure in your mind so that you take a chance and give a speech or presentation?


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