Links of the Week: 2014.01


We have our very first “Links of the Week” roundup for 2014!  And what a way to kick off the new year: with a Nancy Duarte and Garr Reynolds feature.  When I saw that Duarte conducted an interview with Reynolds in her office and posted an article containing that interview yesterday, I was THRILLED.  Called “Garr Reynolds Shares How Kids Impact The Creative Process,” the blog post contains a video interview you absolutely must watch.  Check it out below:


In addition to the interview with my two favorite public speaking and presentation professionals, I learned that Reynolds has a soon-to-be published book on storytelling!  I cannot wait.  Since I am seeking a new textbook for my public speaking class, this might definitely be the book I’ve been desperately searching for.

I also loved the focus on play and on making sure play is incorporated in school and in work.  My university launched a unique course called Psychology of Play as opposed to a traditional Behavioral Science, and after meeting with the team leaders and learning from them, I felt so inspired!  I’ve been incorporating more play into my classroom and into my online GoTo Training sessions.  For example, during my last GoTo Training session with my Public Speaking Online students, I gave them 2 minutes to find either a really great or a really terrible presentation on YouTube.  We came back and analyzed a few together.  The experience was fun for everyone and got the students more involved in the session.  I find that whether we’re lecturing in the classroom or just talk talk talk talking our students’ ears off during a GoTo Training, we can interrupt that boring, mind-numbing sermon and instead incorporate play through activity and discussion.  I’m trying to do more of this in my own life, so it was great to be inspired by Reynolds and Duarte again in the interview video.


Another tried and true favorite blog with a great article out this week comes from Ethos3.  “Presenting to Small Groups” gives advice on how to speak in a smaller venue to a smaller audience.  This was definitely an adjustment for me!  After teaching classes of 30-60 students for years, for a few months, I found myself cramped in teeny tiny classrooms of sometimes less than 10 students.  The experience was odd at first – because I do prefer a medium-sized audience – but I learned to adjust and to see the positives of a small group.  Ethos3’s advice includes changing the way we see the speaking situation from “presentation” to “consultation” and changing the type of presentation software used.  Although I would never recommend that any presenter use Prezi, I do agree with many points in the Ethos3 piece.  Check it out here.

Last, but not least, is an article we can all print out and put in our public speaking toolbox the next time we have to address an audience.  “10 Tips For Setting Up Your Presentation” by Jim Harvey contains advice to make sure you are as prepared as possible.  With tips like leaving the lights on while speaking; avoiding complicated animations, transitions, and multimedia; and sitting in an audience member’s seat beforehand to check readability of slides, Harvey’s latest article is one I will be sharing with my students from now on.

What interesting public speaking and presentation blog posts or articles have you read so far in 2014?


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