Leaning In with Sheryl Sandberg


When I first saw it featured on the front page of TED.com, I thought, “A TED Interview?! Awesome!”  When I actually started watching the Sheryl Sandberg interview by journalist Pat Mitchell, I was on the edge of my seat.  Mitchell asks some great questions, and seeing and learning more about Sandberg really resonated with me.  I loved Sandberg’s humor, her storytelling, and her advice for women.  Watch it below:


Sandberg discusses the lack of women raising their hands in school, the negative words placed on assertive young female children, and the expectations that come with being a woman.  This “lean in” movement is the experience of finding one’s voice as a woman in this world, asserting one’s self, and standing up in leadership positions confidently.

At the 8:30ish mark, Sandberg explains that if a little girl leads, she is called “bossy.”  When those little girls grow up into strong women, they are very often told they are too aggressive at work.  I can tell you this, I’ve been called bossy almost every single day of my entire life from childhood to adulthood, so I know firsthand how prevalent this is in our society.  Sandberg, though, gives us some great advice to combat this.  She says, “Don’t call a little girl bossy.  Tell her she has executive leadership skills” (Source).  Sandberg’s advice is so right on.  She is such a moving speaker, and her message is so important.

Sandberg wants us to create a dialogue about a woman finding a life on her own terms.  Let’s have a conversation!


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