Creating Communication’s New Look!


Creating Communication has undergone a makeover!  This morning, I received an email from Mark Battaglia:

After reading Mark’s constructive criticism, I sprang into action!  I certainly had no idea about these studies he referenced, so I asked my design-obsessed colleague and superteacher BFF, Chiara Ojeda.  She confirmed that, indeed, Mark was correct.  My response: “WHAT?!  How do I not know this?”
If you have links to any articles to help me begin my journey to learn more, please share them in the “Comment” section below!  And, of course, constructive criticism on the new look is welcome.  Please email me at
And thanks again for your feedback, Mark… I hope this new layout and color scheme do you proud :)

4 thoughts on “Creating Communication’s New Look!

  1. I am so relieved to see you have changed to a white background! The text is so much ‘cleaner’ and easier to read. I love the sans serif font and the colour scheme of mint green, grey and white. The mint green really brands you and would look great on business cards. I notice you have removed the header/banner from the top of the page and wonder if your blog still needs this?. There’s a new design book that has just published called A Kidd’s Guide To Graphic Design by Chip Kidd which is great for the basics of graphic design. Also check out Before and After Magazine website which has some great resources.

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