Four Public Speaking Tips From Standup Comedians


My blog post on public speaking tips we can learn from Kevin Hart was one of my favorite studies in presentation.  While good advice and inspiration can come from anywhere, comedians – great comedians anyway – know how to balance engaging content; physical and verbal delivery; and props/visual aids to resonate with any audience.  Re-read “Presentation Lessons from Kevin Hart” from February 2012 here.

In the vein of my Kevin Hart post, Digital Strategist and Entrepreneur Ross Simmonds gives us “Four Public Speaking Tips From Standup Comedians” on Slideshare.  Check it out below:


We can really learn a lot from Simmonds’ presentation including the importance of story; learning from people you admire; working the room before hitting the stage; and developing “hustle” (Source).

What public speaking tips have you learned from watching stand-up comedians?


2 thoughts on “Four Public Speaking Tips From Standup Comedians

  1. As someone who has every single Seinfeld episode pretty much memorized (and I just saw him perform live in person last month), as presenters, there is so much we can learn from him (and other great comedians) including, but not limited to: the importance of pacing & timing; the idea that Every.Single.Word.Counts. — keep honing and tweaking til you feel it’s just right (even though it may never be “exactly perfect”); risk-taking — putting yourself out there (as Garr Reynolds would say) “Naked” on the stage; having an insatiable curiosity, a keen sense of observation, a unique perspective, being a student of human nature, and being able to find the humor in all types of situations; being relatable to your audience so that people feel like you are speaking directly to them, and thinking, “Yes, that’s so true…!!!”…with a smile on their face.

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