Phil Waknell’s How To Make Your Audience Curious


Bright and early tomorrow morning, I have a FaceTime meeting with Phil Waknell of Ideas on Stage to talk about my needs and wants from a public speaking textbook.  Since I first saw his work in The Naked Presenter, I’ve been a huge fan of Waknell’s work and wise words, and we’ve been in touch since 2011.  Tomorrow, I have the wonderful opportunity to actually meet with him to nerd out about presentations, and this summer, I hope to get the chance to meet him in person!

I will definitely write up a starstruck blog post about my Waknell meeting later this weekend, but I do have a treasure to carry you over until that time.  “How To Make Your Audience Curious” is yet another fantastic presentation by the Ideas on Stage guru, and you don’t want to miss it.  Check out Waknell’s WikiStage Talk below:


To learn more about Ideas on Stage, Europe’s public speaking and presentation expert, click here.  To subscribe to Waknell’s blog, Phil Presents, click here.

Are there any questions I should make sure to ask Phil Waknell during our meeting tomorrow?  What would you ask one of your mentors if given the opportunity to meet and talk with him/her?


5 thoughts on “Phil Waknell’s How To Make Your Audience Curious

  1. Thanks for sharing this excellent talk, Alex. I’m a big fan of Phil’s work, too.

    Like him, I believe in making the audience curious, so they really focus on what’s said. I’d love to hear your thoughts on that post, and by all means leave a backlink to your own post on my blog if you like.

    P.S. Sadly the latest post on Phil’s blog is almost a year old, so if people did subscribe, it looks like they wouldn’t get many posts, if any.

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