She’s Baaaaack: The Resurgence of Tweak Your Slides


After a hiatus, Chiara Ojeda of Tweak Your Slides is back to blogging!  In January, Chiara wrote some must-read posts:

“Beyond Rhetoric: What MLK Day Means To Me” contains a beautiful infographic I know Chiara has been working on for quite some time.  The data display makes its debut during a perfect time: the holiday celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.

“4 (But Really 6) Steps To Creating A Visual Resume” gives us insight on how to develop a strong personal brand through a visual resume.  Not many people understand the point or the goal of a visual resume, so Chiara’s blog post is a must-read.


“Garr Reynolds on Presentation Anxiety” is an expansion of an amazing lizard-brain piece posted on Presentation Zen earlier this month.

And last, but not least, are two posts relating to teaching public speaking and presentation in the classroom.  Chiara explains her negative experience in “When Presentations Go Wrong,” and her solution in “When Presentations Go Wrong, Think Preparation and Grit.”

Follow Chiara Ojeda’s blog Tweak Your Slides here.

What is your favorite January blog post on Tweak Your Slides?


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