FaceTime with Phil Waknell


Last week, I was honored and awed to score a FaceTime meeting with the one and only Phil Waknell.  While I was incredibly nervous to meet one of my presentation mentors, Phil was incredibly warm and easy to talk to.  As promised, I wanted to recap our conversation for you.

First, it’s important to note that we scheduled our meeting in the first place to discuss a need of mine: to find a basic introduction to the presentation revolution book for my freshmen-level Public Speaking courses.  I’ve been reading standard textbooks and business books, but nothing has been the right fit for the campus and online classes I teach.  Trust me when I say I’ve read dozens of books.  I’m still at a loss.

Fortunately for me and for my students, Waknell has been working on a book idea for years and has been publishing articles in SOLD magazine to flesh out his content.  His book’s aim – a basic introduction to the presentation revolution book focusing on content, delivery, and design – is exactly what my students need.  We’re all crossing our fingers for a 2014 book release!  I will keep you posted.

Phil Waknell presenting in Paris


In addition to chatting about my students’ book needs, we also talked about WikiStage and Present.me.  According to its website, “WikiStage is about curiosity. It is a collaborative non-profit project of people around the world who think it is important to never stop learning and to stay curious. The vision is to create a free video library of questions where experts address one question in 3, 6 or 12 minutes. The videos are filmed at WikiStage events that anybody can organise” (Source).

Present.me is a website I am truly ashamed I haven’t known about until my conversation with Waknell!   Need convincing?  Check this out.   I can see myself using Present.me in my online speech courses to help students combine the video of themselves presenting with slides in a fast, easy, simple fashion.  This would work well for the students’ final speech in Public Speaking Online, a persuasive speech requiring a slideshow, and for the Ignite presentation in Professional Communication and Presentation Online.  After spending today browsing Present.me, I concur with Phil that this website is a must for any online public speaking and presentation class!

An hour of FaceTime with Phil Waknell was everything I imagined it would be: thought-provoking, inspiring, exciting, and informative.  I am still pinching myself that the meeting happened in the first place.  Thank you to Phil for graciously taking some time out of his busy schedule for me!

If you were given an hour, what would YOU want to talk to Phil Waknell about?


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