Ethos3’s Your Business Needs Visual Content


Slideshare began supporting infographics in addition to slideshare decks a few months ago, and I love the important and well-designed messages I’ve been seeing.  For a stunning example of the new, scroll-down layout, check out Ethos3’s infographic.  Designed with their signature color scheme, the message is important: visual content dominates.


Since we talked about the importance of visuals in Professional Communication and Presentation on Friday, I especially loved Ethos3’s infographic about mid-way through.  The data visualization explained that from 2008 to 2013, bullets were banished and more images were used.  To all of my fellow presentation designers, thank you for your good work!  We are seeing a significant increase in effective slides.

What is your favorite piece of Ethos3’s “Your Business Needs Visual Content” infographic?  Have you used Slideshare’s new infographic tool yet?


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