Links of the Week: 2014.04


During my search for the perfect book for my Public Speaking class, I added The Power Presenter to my list.  I still haven’t read it, but a certain blog post pushes the book to the top of my list.  Ethos 3’s book review on Jerry Weissman’s The Power Presenter is short and gives some great information on the strengths and drawbacks of the text.  Ethos3 claims the text contains advice on overcoming speaking anxiety as well as strong delivery and content… I am excited to read it!


Angela DeFinis of DeFinis Communications gives us Public Speaking Best Practices from her clients.  Written at the start of the new year, this advice resonates with me because it is so valid in every setting for every speaker.  For example, some of the client advice includes simplifying the message and the slides; using engagement strategies; and considering delivery (Source).  Check out her entire article here.

Make A Powerful Point is quickly becoming my favorite website/blog on public speaking and presenting.  Curator Gavin McMahon’s latest article “Comparisons Speak Louder Than Words” is something I want to implement in my classes to help students present numbers and data.  McMahon explains that audience members can’t really understand large numbers because they become abstract (Source).  Knowing this, presenters should put a focus on comparisons, and he gives us 5 ingredients for a good comparison.  This post is essential for business presenters!  Read it here.

What great articles have you read this week?


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