What The Speak with Bryan Kelly


Back in January, I blogged about my exciting leadership news and told you all would be revealed in February.  First, you learned that I was nominated to be Vice President of Marketing and Communications for JLGO, the volunteer organization I’ve been working with since January 2010.  The second piece of news comes today… I just finished an interview with What The Speak‘s Bryan Kelly.


A few weeks ago, Bryan reached out to me and asked if he could interview me for his podcast series.  I reviewed the impressive list of people he’d interviewed in the past including Nancy Duarte, Scott Schwertly, Dr. Susan Weinschenk, Dan Pink, Carmine Gallo, and many, many others.  Once I saw this list, I was baffled at why Bryan would want to talk to me, but I wasn’t going to turn down the incredible opportunity.

Our interview was fun!   Since it was my first-ever Skype interview talking about me and my work and the things I study and learn and do, I was nervous.  Skype isn’t something I use or am comfortable with, and I could have used more preparation.  Bryan’s interviewing skills are amazing, so he put me at ease.  It was a great opportunity, and I am so thankful to him and the What The Speak team for featuring me.

Check out all of Bryan’s interviews here.

I have one final amazing project to announce in February/March, but I can’t share it just yet.  I am bursting at the seams to tell you, so look out for news very, very soon.


3 thoughts on “What The Speak with Bryan Kelly

  1. Alex – you were an amazing guest, so now you’re prepared to tackle any future interview requests that come your way! Thank you for the kind words. Our discussion will go live the first week of April 2014 and my team will follow up to let you know it has been posted to the site and published to iTunes.

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