Orsolya Nemes: TEDxYouth Talk


Orsolya Nemes frequently appears on my blog even though we’ve never met in person.  In fact, meeting in person might prove difficult, as she lives across the Atlantic Ocean in Budapest, Hungary.  Even so, Orsolya and I have something in common: we love and live for effective presentations.

I first met Orsolya on Twitter.  We then connected on Slideshare, and we’ve been emailing quite a bit recently.  I’ve shared her work on Creating Communication, and you can see the archive of all of her work here.  Click here to see her webpage.

Yesterday, Orsolya emailed me to say her TEDx Talk finally debuted with subtitles.  Since I knew she’d been working on and preparing for this presentation, I was excited to finally see it.  Knowing there was a language barrier (the speech was delivered in Hungarian), I had to double-check with Orsolya on how to translate her presentation to English.  On YouTube, between the “Add To” and “Statistics” buttons, a “Transcript” feature allows me to read her TEDx Talk in my native language.  I’d never used the “Transcript” feature before, and I was surprised to see everything time coded!  What a terrific feature.

Watch Orsolya’s presentation below:


Be sure to click “Translate” here to read her time-coded talk in English.  Even though I don’t speak a single sentence of Hungarian, Orsolya’s TEDx Talk resonated with me for many reasons.  Though it is rare to read a transcript of a speech in another language, I enjoyed the experience.  Keep up the amazing work, Orsolya!

Follow Orsolya Nemes on Twitter and on Slideshare.


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