Student Visual Resumes


Since we have been speaking this week about creating a “body of work,” I wanted to share with you three superstar student visual resume examples.  The projects below were the culmination of about two weeks worth of work.

Alejandro Cabrera focuses on story right off the bat, and I enjoyed his hook leading into his “roots.”  Alejandro is good at applying the picture superiority effect and, of course, he is great at storytelling.


Bree Martino’s combines strong, detailed content and beautiful design in her Visual Resume.  Bree is a passionate, hard worker dedicated to live music.


Lance Smith has an eye for blending text, color, and images.  One of his fellow classmates remarked that this deck of slides was the best slideshow he had ever seen in his entire life.


I have about 30 total students this term, and I wish I could share everyone’s visual resumes with you!  If you have time to peek at a few more for inspiration on how to design and to communicate your body of work to others, check out 3 more great slideshows designed by Yennylind Ortega Sardi, Andres Urquijo, and Catherine Rodriguez.  Yes, I am lucky to work with such amazing, talented college students!

Which student visual resume do you like the most?  Have you seen any other awesome visual resumes on Slideshare lately?


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