Careers and Side Hustles


With all of the talk this week on Creating Communication about a body of work and a visual resume, you might be wondering if the career path you’re on is the best one for you.  That’s why today, I encourage you to take a short and well-designed quiz called “What Career Should You Actually Have?”

I’ll admit that I am one of the lucky ones.  I’ve known for seven years that teaching fulfills me on many levels.  As a teacher, I apply my two most important values: growth and volunteerism/service to others.  As a teacher, I encourage and grow potential in others by sharing what I’ve learned and studied.  It’s a wonderful job and a wonderful life.

When I took the quiz, I got this result:



Pamela Slim talks about having a “side hustle” in her previous book and in her new book, Body of Work.  Slim says, “If you are still working in a corporate job, a side hustle is a great way to test and try new business ideas. It can also be part of your backup plan in case you lose your job” (Source).  If your current job doesn’t align with the job you SHOULD have, maybe it’s time to consider a side hustle!

For example, I do a whole lot of side hustle.  Balancing work and side hustle is essential because volunteerism is a core value for a successful, happy life.  Though teaching is my career, and I love and live for it, I have to do other things so that I continue to grow as a professional and as a human being.

Right now, my most important side hustle is researching, reading, and writing as a graduate student in the Nicholson School of Communication.  When I’m not at work or in school, I’m volunteering at my campus to help fellow faculty and students AND volunteering in my local community.  My most important role is that of incoming Vice President of Marketing and Communications for JLGO.

A side hustle fulfills a person when a job does not.  I’ve learned that a good balance of work and side hustle keeps me sane and focused on the bigger picture – where I want to be 5 and 10 years from now as opposed to where I’m going to be tomorrow.

Do your quiz results align with either your career or your side hustle?  Please share your results and your thoughts with me in the “Comments” section!


2 thoughts on “Careers and Side Hustles

  1. I also got writer. I think this speaks to my creative drives and constant desire to create and iterate. Though I associate with the title of designer more and this is my current side hustle, I can agree with the general description.

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