Design Inspiration


When I begin creating a new deck of slides for my class, I first focus on storyboarding my content in the “Presenter’s Notes” section of Keynote.  After I decide how I’m going to organize my information, I begin the presentation design process.

It has been a few months since I’ve created a new deck of slides, so I wanted to ditch the old favorite layout, colors, and font to design something brand new and beautiful.  To do this, I turn to a folder on my computer and a Pinterest board called “Design.”  Using these two mediums, I collect design ideas – colors I like, web design that speaks to me, text on a shape that looks good, for example.  Today, as I’m still thinking about the design for this upcoming slideshow, I want to share some of my favorite design inspiration with you:

First, I am loving the simple packaging of Forever 21’s new makeup line:



Second, I love the new Lilly Pulitzer website.  With its moving elements and interconnected pieces on the home page, Lilly Pulitzer takes the prize as the first website I’ve ever seen that keeps me coming back not only for the clothing but also to see the tiny tweaks and updates in design.  For example, a few months ago, I “Pinned” this shot on my “Design” Pinterest board because of the combination of type and image.

Third, I’ve been really into a two simple, kitchen-inspired color palettes from Design Seeds:


Source (Left and Right)

Last, but not least, I am loving these tips on how to mix and match fonts.

How do you find and then keep track of your design inspiration?


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