The Presentation Planning Checklist


We Are Visual’s Nadine Hanafi released a free e-book through Slideshare called “The Presentation Planning Checklist.”  Check it out below:


How do you plan for presentations?  Do you follow Hanafi’s guidelines, or do you have other practices and habits?


4 thoughts on “The Presentation Planning Checklist

  1. Hi Alex, I have been a long term follower (and devotee) of your blog as Roar Sweetly but from now on will be commenting with my new blog hat on – Make Great! I would be thrilled if you visited sometime. When I’m preparing for a presentation I do an analysis of the audience first. I then identify my key messages and give consideration to the structure and the way that the information will be presented. I try to include a variety of teaching methods and am a big fan of incorporating ‘props’ into my presentations! Keeps ’em on their toes. Charmaine

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