JLGO’s HIP Kids Program


My volunteer organization is holding our annual gala this month, and I was asked to create a video to tie all tickets and donations to a specific program.  The H.I.P. Kids video I created is short and sweet:


The Hunger Study for Central Florida measures several indicators every four years on the hunger landscape. In 2010, nearly one in five of our neighbors – 732,000 people – could not afford to buy enough food. Click here to learn more about the Junior League of Greater Orlando’s inaugural year’s initiative to fight childhood hunger.

During the 2009-2010 league year, The Junior League of Greater Orlando (JLGO) underwent an intense research period to identify a new core cause, relying heavily on the 2008 Heart of Florida United Way Tri-County Needs Assessment and membership feedback. Because it is our goal to utilize the skills of our volunteer-based organization to make the greatest possible impact, we have chosen to focus our efforts on a new Core Cause—Childhood Health, Hunger, and Poverty.

The JLGO has incorporated this focus into all facets of our organization and our long-term Strategic Plan.  For this process of identifying our core cause, the JLGO was awarded “Honorable Mention” for the Vision Award by the Association of Junior Leagues International. Only 8 Leagues out of 293 received award recognition in 2010.

Furthermore, our league underwent additional research and development in order to launch a new community program in line with our core cause.  In response to our community’s needs in the areas of childhood health, hunger, and poverty, we created HIP Kids.  HIP Kids, standing for Healthy Informed Playful Kids, attempts to solve the immediate and long term challenges faced by hungry children. JLGO kicked off HIP Kids in the 2010-2011 league year and it is still a successful program. We meet at the Rock Lake Community Center twice a month to teach kids about healthy food, habits & lifestyles.

To learn more about how you can get involved with JLGO’s H.I.P. Kids program, please visit our website here.

Do you ever create visuals for nonprofits to help promote an important cause?  What great charity have you supported through your presentation design talents?


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