Currently Reading: Idea Stormers


As I mentioned last week, I was excited for the arrival of Bryan W. Mattimore’s Idea Stormers: How to Lead and Inspire Creative Breakthroughs.  Today, while I was on the phone with Chiara Ojeda discussing a new project, my book arrived.


When I opened up the front cover, I realized that I had a copy signed by the author and dated 1/22/2013!  How lucky is that?

The table of contents includes the following chapters:

“A Map of the Creative Mind”

“Beyond Brainstorming”

“Your Ideation Tool Kit”

“Innovation Overview”

“Real-World Challenges”

“Idea Meets World”


“Thinking Like a Facilitating Leader” (in multiple parts)

Judging by the Table of Contents, the book seems to be exactly to what I’m looking for: a way to lead more creative, innovative meetings with a common goal of solving specific JLGO problems.  I can’t wait to begin reading it this weekend.

What great books have you been reading lately?  Would you suggest I read any other books on leading effective meetings?


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