Make Great


Today, I received a comment from Charmaine asking me to check out her new website, Make Great, and I couldn’t wait to recommend it to all of you!



Charmaine is a Trainer and Presentation Designer in Sydney, and she has a background in law and in teaching.  Her new website is divided into several sections – “Presentations,” “Slides,” “Speeches,” “Training Resources,” and “Handouts.”  I love the blog posts she has already released including “Communicating with Color,” “How Many Slides?” and her Slideshare deck “Wild Slides.”

It’s always inspiring to see new websites and to hear fresh perspectives in the public speaking and slide design community, and I am so happy to support and promote my colleagues in the presentation revolution.  Great work, Charmaine!

Have you seen any great new public speaking and presentation resources lately?


4 thoughts on “Make Great

  1. Thanks for sharing, Alex and everybody! Charmaine’s blog is great. (As it happens, she’s in Sydney. Me too.)

    Nick, I really like your channel as well. I wish I had your flair for graphic design!

    Along similar lines to Nick’s, for my 2 most recent posts, I made YouTube clips, which I’ve not done before. For instance, this one’s about how to highlight text in yellow (like in Word) when making slides:

    Alex, have you made any video demos? If so, would love to check them out.

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