Chiara Ojeda’s “Ideate! Create and Develop World-Changing Ideas”


After hearing about this deck and seeing her put in hours of work during the past few months, I am excited Chiara Ojeda finally debuted her latest visual presentation on Slideshare.  “Ideate! Create and Develop World-Changing Ideas” is about developing an idea through effective brainstorming, topic selection, and preparation.  Of course, it instantly shot to “Top Presentation of the Day.”

Check it out below:


What I like most about this Slideshare presentation is its focus.  I’ve found, in my experience, that content is truly king.  If a student prepares and develops strong content, he or she is significantly more likely to deliver a powerful presentation.  Delivery is more likely to be natural and authentic if the student spends time brainstorming, developing, researching, organizing, and polishing content.  The presentation is more likely to resonate if the student puts a focus on content.  But content doesn’t stand alone… Remember that effective presentations are a three-legged stool:


Chiara mentions on slide 73 that the next step in the process is to design slides to go along with the idea and then to practice rehearsing the presentation… She gives some amazing resources, so be sure to check those out!

Check out more of Chiara’s Slideshare presentations here.

What did you like most about “Ideate! Create and Develop World-Changing Ideas” by Chiara Ojeda?


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